Beautiful, Powerful, Free

There is something to be said about moody photography, the way that each photo seemingly demands a reaction is unfathomable. when shooting landscape photos one of the things that I like to look for is how the scene feels; sometimes the scene can be dark and cloudy but feel completely calm, and sometimes it can be chaotic, busy, and feel like the most inviting place in the world. When I took the photo featured above the landscape was a bit dark, windy, and cloudy, The scene itself is moody, powerful, and quietly beautiful. When editing, I wanted to capture the mood exactly as I saw it,m so that I could share my vision with you all.

Ocean Calm

What is it about the sounds of the ocean that seems to calm everything? You could easily get lost in thought while contemplating just about anything with the sounds of waves crashing against one another in the background. The ocean itself is powerful, beautiful, mysterious, and unconditionally, understanding.